that’s not how it’s done Manhwa raw – chapter 1

A Comprehensive Guide To That’s Not How You Do It Manhwa Raw

that’s not how it’s done manhwa raw – chapter 1. This series, written by Jung Yong Hwa and illustrated by Lee Yong Hwa, follows the story of a young girl named Seo Yu-Jin. With her friends, she embarks on a journey to find the lost city of Atlantis. Along the way, they come across various obstacles and puzzles that they must solve in order to progress.

The series is to be had in each English and Korean variations, in addition to in uncooked layout. For those unusual with raw format, it’s far an untranslated model of the series which lets in readers to experience the unique tale without any translation. While this can be a great manner to enjoy the collection.

What’s it really is no longer how it’s done manhwa raw?

It is no longer how manhwa raw – chapter 1 is untranslated model of the series. The uncooked format of the collection is essentially the unique japanese version, permitting readers to enjoy the collection in its unique shape. This could be a first rate manner to get a better know-how of the tale and characters, in addition to a chance to understand the artwork and authentic speak.

Where To Find that’s now not how it’s performed Manhwa uncooked – chapter 1?

We are able to discover online in diverse codecs. The famous website to discover the series may be Artistryblog, This offers the collection in a spread of codecs. It is not How Manhwa raw- bankruptcy 1 series can also be found on different famous web sites.

The story to date

The story follows the lives of university students, Park Joo-Eun and Han Yoo-Ah. Joo-Eun had a super lifestyles – she changed into a top scholar, had a brilliant boyfriend, and a loving own family. However, her life takes a flip whilst she reveals out that her boyfriend has been dishonest on her. Heartbroken, Joo-Eun turns to her friend Yoo-Ah for comfort. Yoo-Ah, alternatively, has been suffering together with her own troubles.

The 2 buddies determine to take a avenue ride to discover the solutions they want. Along the manner, they meet a spread of human beings and examine greater approximately themselves. Because the story progresses, the 2 pals discover that lifestyles isn’t usually as smooth because it seems and they ought to take responsibility for their own lives.

What to anticipate in chapter 1

Chapter 1 of “That’s now not the way it’s accomplished” introduces readers to the principle characters and their situations. We also get a glimpse of the world they stay in, in addition to the problems they face. This chapter presents a fantastic advent to the characters and their relationships.

The bankruptcy starts offevolved with Joo-Eun and Yoo-Ah discussing Joo-Eun’s latest ruin-up. We analyze greater approximately their friendship and how they depend upon every different for emotional support. We also get a glimpse of Joo-Eun’s circle of relatives existence and the way she offers with her parents’ expectations. The bankruptcy ends with Joo-Eun and Yoo-Ah deciding to embark on a avenue experience looking for answers.

The artwork

The artwork in “That’s now not the way it’s executed” is lovely. The artist, Kim Si-Yeon, does an amazing job of conveying emotion via her paintings. She captures the characters’ emotions perfectly, and the backgrounds are distinct and vibrant. The art style is unique and beautiful, and it allows to similarly the story along.

Subject matters

The primary topic of “That’s no longer the way it’s performed” is the significance of taking duty for one’s personal lifestyles. Joo-Eun and Yoo-Ah should take control of their very own lives to be able to locate the answers they are seeking. The tale also touches on topics of friendship, circle of relatives, and self-discovery.

How to read that’s not how you Do It Manhwa uncooked?

Analyzing this will be a bit difficult at first, however with some practice, it is able to turn out to be pretty easy. The key to achievement whilst analyzing this kind of manga is to pay close interest to the speak and visuals. Even as the japanese language may be hard to recognize, the visuals can provide a tremendous deal of context for the tale.

Guidelines For reading this is not the way you Do It Manhwa raw

When reading this is now not how it’s accomplished manhwa uncooked – bankruptcy 1, it’s miles vital to maintain the following recommendations in mind:

  • Pay close attention to the visuals and dialogue.
  • Understand the context of the dialogue.
  • Read the series in small chunks to help understand the story.
  • Look up Japanese words and phrases if you are unfamiliar with them.
  • Read the series multiple times to get a better understanding of the story.


It’s far an thrilling and captivating series that provides readers with a unique and engaging revel in. Through following the tips above, readers can get a higher know-how of the story and characters, as well as a hazard to realize the paintings and authentic talk. Charming story and colourful visuals, that is now not how you Do It Manhwa raw is sure to be an fun and worthwhile experience.

Chapter 1 of “That’s now not the way it’s completed” sets the degree for an thrilling adventure full of twists and turns. The paintings is fantastic and the story is enticing. If you’re searching out a story so that it will make you think and experience, “That’s now not how it’s done” is in reality really worth checking out.

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